Rugby Should be included to PHS

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Byren K.Motes  

    Rugby is sport that is a another form of football but there’s is a lot more roughness and more contact, There’s a is a lot of rules to make the sport safe, for example when the ball is kicked in the air the receiving player can not be tackled and tackling and you have to wrap your arms around the player waist you can not tackle anywhere above the waist otherwise it’s a penalty and when your running with the ball you put your head down because that’s how your going to have a chance of a head injury.

    The sport of rugby should be included to PHS because we have lots of talented students here that would be interested in the sport and if we actually put time into the sport/making a team. And the gear wouldn't be expensive all we need to is to pay for is shorts and teams jerseys. And if could have a rugby team it would bring more population to this school, But it would be a great accomplishment if we could more people in this school because we have a low population at our school. And we have the field for it we just need goal post.

    We have a small team of 7 people on it of the ROTC cadets or more, but we play with Delmarva if we can win a title with them and show Wallace maybe that could convince her that we can have our own rugby team. There are other schools that have rugby it would be fair we could have it here at PHS.  



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Student Government

posted Jan 25, 2018, 7:33 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Michaela Redden

    Do you ever wonder who is behind setting up for Homecoming,Prom and Pep Rallies. Well you can thank your Student Government. They are in charge of many

different things here in our school. This year student government President is Maura Dean with the Vice-President being Michaela Redden and the teacher in charge is

Mrs.Stephanie Hearn who is also one of the Biology teachers here.

    Mrs. Hearn states she while she was in high school she was very active in her own student government group and “wants to pass what she learned off onto others”.

She also states that she hopes that as years go on the group gets more members. Dean the President of this joined in hopes of making a change in the school and

“make the students views matter”.

    Dean plans on being in Student Government again next year as well. Anyone is able to join but will just have to pay a small due fee of $5 starting the next school

year. Also they must be able to honor the guidelines as well. According to Dean, student government is “leadership role that helps other get their opinion out there to be


    Student Government also helps in other areas as well. Members can be seen running the food stand for games and helping out in the community as well. Student

Government hopes to be able to host their first soup kitchen that will serve the community free of charge sometime next month is all goes well. So if you want to find

something to be apart of at this school and leave a mark come check out and join Student Government which means every Wednesday during B session of your 60 in

Mrs.Hearn's room located in the science part of the school.

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Jostens Renaissance

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By:Michaela Redden

    This past Monday members of the schools spirit crew Blue and Gold traveled to Newport News Va. to take part in Jostens Renaissance convention. The Renaissance involved schools from all over coming together to brainstorm ideas on how to make their own school a better places where everyone become “one” and there are no clicks and everybody knows that they matter.

    One of the speakers Mike Smith tell his story about how he went from being all about himself to turning his life around and being all about helping others. This years theme was “Find Your Grind” and “ The Future Belongs To The Misfits”. Smiths shares how he started a group called Skateforchange, which is were him and a bunch of kids of all ages go and skate around with backpacks filled with socks and give them out to homeless people.     

    One of the things talked about this year was “what are your excuses” and “who are you”. Smiths shares that there three types of people in this world ones that “do”, “say” and “wish”. The ones that do go and actually do what they say, ones that say just talk about what they are going to do but in the end never do, and the ones that wish just wish that they could do this and that.

    Beside from all the serious lesson there were fun things that went on as well. There was a dance battle which involved 2 students and a teacher from every school to dance against each other and the winners were able to pick out a prize. Some of the ides that were shared were, a prom for the special needs kids, painting bathrooms, painting ties, nominating teachers that had a positive impact on students, ect.

     Two of the biggest things that Smith and his friends that spoke taught that day was 1. “Helping people happens when no one else is around” and “ Everybody wants three things, to be heard, seen and loved.” The Blue and Gold Crew hopes that one day they will be able to host one of these convention.

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By: Rebeka Kline


    It takes $10,000 to make a round of yearbooks. Roughly $6,000 comes from ad sales, with everything else having to be covered by book sales. If we can’t reach that goal, we’ll have to push this year’s yearbook over to next year’s and combine them as one book.

    Well what does that mean? Two graduations will be covered, the Class of 2017 will have to wait to see pictures of their graduation for another year, and have to share the honor of being a graduating senior with the Class of 2018. Overall it’s not fun and not very fair.

    I know it probably seems lame to get a yearbook or unimportant, but it really is. Students don’t really listen to our announcements in the morning and don't pay attention to the bulletin board by the room labeled “Journalism”. Some students walk right past our posters along walls, no matter how interesting we make them.

    We spend a lot of time and care on our yearbook pages, and yes, we make spelling mistakes. And yes, we take your picture and slap on your friend’s quote and name on accident, because we probably interviewed ten other people that day and can’t connect the face to the name on occasion.

    Yearbooks capture memories, team winnings, artistic talent, school dances, spirit weeks, graduations, and the staff behind the capturing of these memories. Yearbooks are important because they’re just fun to laugh at after four years and think “What was I thinking then?” or “Ew, what am I wearing?”. They’re something to show your kids and have a good family moment.

    The yearbook staff hopes you consider buying a yearbook this year, so we can keep making them for years to come.


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By: Rebeka Kline

    The FCCLA is holding a Blood Drive on February 28th in the Auxiliary Gymnasium. Any student over the age of 17 and staff may participate in the blood drive and help out people in need of blood donations. If anyone has any questions, they can see Mrs Corbin in the Library.

    During the fall blood drive, Pocomoke High School raised 60 pint of blood thanks to the kind donations of PHS students and staff. Hopefully in this winter blood drive, we can raise more pints of blood and extend the reach of help.

    Students should donate blood because blood transfusions save the lives of people in need of blood from blood loss from complications during pregnancy, cancer patients, and patients with sickle cell disease. It only takes a pint of blood, and students will feel good just knowing they helped out in an easy way. You can donate blood every eight weeks, and sometimes you can save multiple lives if your blood is separated into different components, like red cells, platelets, and plasma.

    If you’re worried about the needles, you can still donate! The needle going in only takes a second, and is relatively painless afterwards. If you’re scared of having low blood sugar from not eating that day, snacks and drinks are available after you donate.

    We hope you consider donating to the blood drive and help PHS raise blood for people in need of donations.

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Freshmen or Fresh meat in JROTC

posted Feb 1, 2017, 8:02 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Clayton Moore

    JROTC(Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a program to train students to be proper, respectful, to be successful, have a sense of accomplishment and have personal responsibilities. The Program was created under the National Defense Act of 1916 and later expanded under the 1964 ROTC Vitalization Act.

    There are different branches in JROTC that mimics the actual Branches in the U.S; at Pocomoke High School, they have chosen the most strict branch out of all the military to make these students have more discipline and more focus on daily goals, The Marine Corps. The program gets more simpler while you move up by rank or get more experience as you move up a grade level. But as a freshmen, you are nearly clueless on what’s gonna happen to you during that year. As a freshmen or an LE 1 (Learning Education Stage 1), you need to learn the basis on physical fitness, communications, history, and treating your personal item well fitted or well groomed, that’s why there are inspection to see what you learn or have you taken care of these things.   

    As a freshmen at an High School with a JROTC Program, you can experience lots of things from just seeing or doing. So there are plenty of competitions to see your best abilities put to work, for example there are Drill meet, Raider Challenge, and also Marksmanship. Jrotc is not to put pressure on you or make you exercise for a long period of time or even force you to join the military. Those are myths that persuade some students to not join the program and it’s difficult to expand the program when there are students bailing out or dropping out from the Jrotc Program.  

    Some of these cadets after High School would like to join the active force or the Military. A cadet name Courtney Larose, a freshmen, was dreaming about joining the Marine Corps after high school. It is her best interest to do so. A Senior a Pocomoke High School name Dustin Harmon have already signed up for the Marine Corps and I myself is interested in signing up. This program have made an impact on these cadets in a positive or negative way. But the freshmen the most that now they have a choice to just be a freshmen or Fresh meat in JROTC.

First Drill Meet Experience

posted Feb 1, 2017, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Clayton Moore

    Snow Hill- On January 14, 2017 Pocomoke High School Jrotc cadets will participate in an event that they have been training 6-7 months for. The competition was held at Snow Hill high School where 10 different schools will enter a chance to be the best for this first drill meet. To the freshmen it was nerve racking and they were unsure if they was ready for this event. But, they had to show their game faces and perform with their best abilities.

    In this drill competition there was 5 events that these cadets had to perform: First Year Unarm, First Year Arm, Armed Platoon, and Unarmed Platoon. I asked the First Year commanders, which they were freshmen, a few questions about the event from Saturday Morning. Cadet Private Deyon Dean told me he was nervous at first but he felt confident when he went on the deck and done his best. He also added we could use some practice for this next coming drill meet on March 4th. Cadet Private First Class Kevonte Sample (was a replaced first year commander) told me he messed up and he was completely nervous but he tried his best and he is now going to practice more and become better.

    After a long day waiting, performing, and counting scores; the coaches wanted to play a game called knockout. The rules are simple, you do the basic movements and it will progress and get more difficult. You get the movement incorrect, your out. One out of our 18 cadets succeed and was part of the top 10 cadets out of hundreds. After the ceremony, Pocomoke was placed 3rd overall based on both their First Year Squads that perform and got them in 3rd place.  Pocomoke done really well on their first meet and now they are training, practicing, and getting better on drilling to gain that 3rd place to a 1st place for their next coming competition.


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