posted Mar 9, 2017, 7:59 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Rebeka Kline


    It takes $10,000 to make a round of yearbooks. Roughly $6,000 comes from ad sales, with everything else having to be covered by book sales. If we can’t reach that goal, we’ll have to push this year’s yearbook over to next year’s and combine them as one book.

    Well what does that mean? Two graduations will be covered, the Class of 2017 will have to wait to see pictures of their graduation for another year, and have to share the honor of being a graduating senior with the Class of 2018. Overall it’s not fun and not very fair.

    I know it probably seems lame to get a yearbook or unimportant, but it really is. Students don’t really listen to our announcements in the morning and don't pay attention to the bulletin board by the room labeled “Journalism”. Some students walk right past our posters along walls, no matter how interesting we make them.

    We spend a lot of time and care on our yearbook pages, and yes, we make spelling mistakes. And yes, we take your picture and slap on your friend’s quote and name on accident, because we probably interviewed ten other people that day and can’t connect the face to the name on occasion.

    Yearbooks capture memories, team winnings, artistic talent, school dances, spirit weeks, graduations, and the staff behind the capturing of these memories. Yearbooks are important because they’re just fun to laugh at after four years and think “What was I thinking then?” or “Ew, what am I wearing?”. They’re something to show your kids and have a good family moment.

    The yearbook staff hopes you consider buying a yearbook this year, so we can keep making them for years to come.


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