First Drill Meet Experience

posted Feb 1, 2017, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Clayton Moore

    Snow Hill- On January 14, 2017 Pocomoke High School Jrotc cadets will participate in an event that they have been training 6-7 months for. The competition was held at Snow Hill high School where 10 different schools will enter a chance to be the best for this first drill meet. To the freshmen it was nerve racking and they were unsure if they was ready for this event. But, they had to show their game faces and perform with their best abilities.

    In this drill competition there was 5 events that these cadets had to perform: First Year Unarm, First Year Arm, Armed Platoon, and Unarmed Platoon. I asked the First Year commanders, which they were freshmen, a few questions about the event from Saturday Morning. Cadet Private Deyon Dean told me he was nervous at first but he felt confident when he went on the deck and done his best. He also added we could use some practice for this next coming drill meet on March 4th. Cadet Private First Class Kevonte Sample (was a replaced first year commander) told me he messed up and he was completely nervous but he tried his best and he is now going to practice more and become better.

    After a long day waiting, performing, and counting scores; the coaches wanted to play a game called knockout. The rules are simple, you do the basic movements and it will progress and get more difficult. You get the movement incorrect, your out. One out of our 18 cadets succeed and was part of the top 10 cadets out of hundreds. After the ceremony, Pocomoke was placed 3rd overall based on both their First Year Squads that perform and got them in 3rd place.  Pocomoke done really well on their first meet and now they are training, practicing, and getting better on drilling to gain that 3rd place to a 1st place for their next coming competition.