Freshmen or Fresh meat in JROTC

posted Feb 1, 2017, 8:02 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Clayton Moore

    JROTC(Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a program to train students to be proper, respectful, to be successful, have a sense of accomplishment and have personal responsibilities. The Program was created under the National Defense Act of 1916 and later expanded under the 1964 ROTC Vitalization Act.

    There are different branches in JROTC that mimics the actual Branches in the U.S; at Pocomoke High School, they have chosen the most strict branch out of all the military to make these students have more discipline and more focus on daily goals, The Marine Corps. The program gets more simpler while you move up by rank or get more experience as you move up a grade level. But as a freshmen, you are nearly clueless on what’s gonna happen to you during that year. As a freshmen or an LE 1 (Learning Education Stage 1), you need to learn the basis on physical fitness, communications, history, and treating your personal item well fitted or well groomed, that’s why there are inspection to see what you learn or have you taken care of these things.   

    As a freshmen at an High School with a JROTC Program, you can experience lots of things from just seeing or doing. So there are plenty of competitions to see your best abilities put to work, for example there are Drill meet, Raider Challenge, and also Marksmanship. Jrotc is not to put pressure on you or make you exercise for a long period of time or even force you to join the military. Those are myths that persuade some students to not join the program and it’s difficult to expand the program when there are students bailing out or dropping out from the Jrotc Program.  

    Some of these cadets after High School would like to join the active force or the Military. A cadet name Courtney Larose, a freshmen, was dreaming about joining the Marine Corps after high school. It is her best interest to do so. A Senior a Pocomoke High School name Dustin Harmon have already signed up for the Marine Corps and I myself is interested in signing up. This program have made an impact on these cadets in a positive or negative way. But the freshmen the most that now they have a choice to just be a freshmen or Fresh meat in JROTC.