Jostens Renaissance

posted Dec 18, 2017, 6:42 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Michaela Redden

    This past Monday members of the schools spirit crew Blue and Gold traveled to Newport News Va. to take part in Jostens Renaissance convention. The Renaissance involved schools from all over coming together to brainstorm ideas on how to make their own school a better places where everyone become “one” and there are no clicks and everybody knows that they matter.

    One of the speakers Mike Smith tell his story about how he went from being all about himself to turning his life around and being all about helping others. This years theme was “Find Your Grind” and “ The Future Belongs To The Misfits”. Smiths shares how he started a group called Skateforchange, which is were him and a bunch of kids of all ages go and skate around with backpacks filled with socks and give them out to homeless people.     

    One of the things talked about this year was “what are your excuses” and “who are you”. Smiths shares that there three types of people in this world ones that “do”, “say” and “wish”. The ones that do go and actually do what they say, ones that say just talk about what they are going to do but in the end never do, and the ones that wish just wish that they could do this and that.

    Beside from all the serious lesson there were fun things that went on as well. There was a dance battle which involved 2 students and a teacher from every school to dance against each other and the winners were able to pick out a prize. Some of the ides that were shared were, a prom for the special needs kids, painting bathrooms, painting ties, nominating teachers that had a positive impact on students, ect.

     Two of the biggest things that Smith and his friends that spoke taught that day was 1. “Helping people happens when no one else is around” and “ Everybody wants three things, to be heard, seen and loved.” The Blue and Gold Crew hopes that one day they will be able to host one of these convention.

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