Rugby Should be included to PHS

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Byren K.Motes  

    Rugby is sport that is a another form of football but there’s is a lot more roughness and more contact, There’s a is a lot of rules to make the sport safe, for example when the ball is kicked in the air the receiving player can not be tackled and tackling and you have to wrap your arms around the player waist you can not tackle anywhere above the waist otherwise it’s a penalty and when your running with the ball you put your head down because that’s how your going to have a chance of a head injury.

    The sport of rugby should be included to PHS because we have lots of talented students here that would be interested in the sport and if we actually put time into the sport/making a team. And the gear wouldn't be expensive all we need to is to pay for is shorts and teams jerseys. And if could have a rugby team it would bring more population to this school, But it would be a great accomplishment if we could more people in this school because we have a low population at our school. And we have the field for it we just need goal post.

    We have a small team of 7 people on it of the ROTC cadets or more, but we play with Delmarva if we can win a title with them and show Wallace maybe that could convince her that we can have our own rugby team. There are other schools that have rugby it would be fair we could have it here at PHS.  



    Edited By: Devin Martin