Student Government

posted Jan 25, 2018, 7:33 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Michaela Redden

    Do you ever wonder who is behind setting up for Homecoming,Prom and Pep Rallies. Well you can thank your Student Government. They are in charge of many

different things here in our school. This year student government President is Maura Dean with the Vice-President being Michaela Redden and the teacher in charge is

Mrs.Stephanie Hearn who is also one of the Biology teachers here.

    Mrs. Hearn states she while she was in high school she was very active in her own student government group and “wants to pass what she learned off onto others”.

She also states that she hopes that as years go on the group gets more members. Dean the President of this joined in hopes of making a change in the school and

“make the students views matter”.

    Dean plans on being in Student Government again next year as well. Anyone is able to join but will just have to pay a small due fee of $5 starting the next school

year. Also they must be able to honor the guidelines as well. According to Dean, student government is “leadership role that helps other get their opinion out there to be


    Student Government also helps in other areas as well. Members can be seen running the food stand for games and helping out in the community as well. Student

Government hopes to be able to host their first soup kitchen that will serve the community free of charge sometime next month is all goes well. So if you want to find

something to be apart of at this school and leave a mark come check out and join Student Government which means every Wednesday during B session of your 60 in

Mrs.Hearn's room located in the science part of the school.

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