posted Jan 19, 2017, 7:56 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: DeShonda Dennis

    British TV directors decided to do an episode on the late pop star, Michael Jackson. The episode has been cancelled because of the commotion that Joseph Fiennes, who is white, created as fans and family of the pop singer found out that he would star as Michael.

    The uproar came about when fans realized that a white man was going to play the role of Michael Jackson who is African American, despite the color of his skin. The fans were not the only ones who felt offended by this decision. “I’m so incredibly offended by it, as I’m sure plenty of people are as well, and it honestly makes me want to vomit,” tweeted Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter. Sky Arts, the British TV production, chose not to air the episode “in light of the concerns expressed by Michael Jackson’s immediate family.” Sky Arts also tweeted, “We set out to take a light-hearted look at reportedly true events & never intended to cause any offence.”

    The episode was a part of the TV network’s Urban Myths series. According to Sky Arts, Michael, Elizabeth Taylor, who was played by Stockard Channing, and Marlon Brando, played by Brian Cox, supposedly went on road trip across the country together after 9/11. Sky Arts named the project a series of “tru … ish “ stories.

    On January 11, 2017 Paris Jackson mentioned TheMJCast on twitter saying, “It angers me to see how obviously intentional it was for them to be this insulting, not just towards my father, but my godmother Liz.” Paris also tweeted, “Where is the respect? They worked through blood sweat and tears for ages to create such profound and remarkable legacies. Shameful portrayal.”

    Many people felt outraged about Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson including Michael’s family. Taking the family’s feelings in consideration, Sky Arts will not be broadcasting the episode.
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