Just Cause 4

posted Dec 10, 2018, 7:10 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By Devin Canonici

    An upcoming game releases on December 4th 2018, titled Just Cause 4, made by Avalanche Studios. Just Cause 4 is an open world, action based  game.

    Just cause 4 will be a singleplayer based game.

    This third person shooter game will equip players with weapons such as  the drone that will assists players, alternate fire modes and explosive ammunition.

    The game adds in new features like a weather system that includes tornadoes and different biomes.  

    The storyline involves the key player Rico who according to a PCGAMES article, will be going up against a gang called The Black Hand, the world’s most powerful private army.”

    The game includes a grappling hook, a parachute and the wingsuit for the players to use.

    According to PCGames, the grappling hook “is shaping up to be the series’ best yet. It now has new functionality and is fully customisable”

    Just cause 4 gonna use the Apex engine, which will display lighting and showcasing weather.

    It will be interesting to see the new location for Just Cause 4.