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posted Mar 5, 2018, 6:58 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

  Byren K.Motes

  Music has changed and developed from the 20’s to now 2018 it sounds totally different from what it used to be like and now there’s more and famous new artist in this generation and the style of music has changed also the way it used to be it had simple beats unlike today there's like a thousand beats per second. The 20th century saw a revolution in music listening as the radio gained popularity worldwide and new media and technologies were developed to record, capture, reproduce and distribute music.

    The music in this generation uses a variety of recording machines and difficult machines to make one beat or a few to make it sound a lot more better than what it used to be. And the music videos are a lot different, the director of the music video adds special effects and can make the singer be a one location more than one place.

    And for this new generation for clubs now we have DJ’s with the huge set that can change in between sounds and edit a beat on spot to change the tempo and replace the track with another sound or beat. Like for trap music there are tons of combinations that they use. and rhythmic snares; deep 808 kick drums; double-time, triple-time and similarly divided hi-hats, and a cinematic and symphonic utilization of string, brass, woodwind, and keyboard and synth, instruments creating an overall energetic, hard hitting, deep, and variant atmosphere.

    David Guetta said, “That moment in 2009 something really unique happened. And it happened, I would say, from 2009 to 2016. There was a moment when the music in the United States and Europe was the same. This never happens. Maybe at the time of The Beatles, you know, but it’s very rare.”


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