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posted May 17, 2018, 7:08 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Cristen Quillen

    For seniors all around the world the day that they have been putting so much work, studying, and effort in is approaching very quickly. In most cases the seniors graduating are more than ready to start the next chapter in their lives, but for some seniors graduating can be very stressful and emotional. Image result for graduation cap

    A senior very near and dear at Pocomoke High School by the name Diamonique Taylor looked bad on her four years at Pocomoke and truly began to think about how much her last four years have meant to her and what graduating will feel like.

    During her four years at Pocomoke, Taylor became a part of the very successful field hockey team, the cheerleading squad, and both the National Honor Society and the Math Honor Society known as Mu Alpha Theta. Diamonique was announced as the Vice President of the senior class as well as the Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta.  

    Academics are an important aspect in Diamonique Taylor’s life and that is why she entered the pathways program her freshman year. In the pathways program Taylor was able to take AP World History, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and Dual Enrollment College Algebra and Trigonometry. With good grades in these classes came a high GPA and with her high GPA, Diamonique was recognized for her grades with several different awards.

    It is very clear that Diamonique has made a name for herself at Pocomoke High School and moving on might be a little emotional.

    Taylor stated, “These past four years at Pocomoke High School have meant the world to me and I would not trade them for anything. I have made friendships and memories that I will keep forever. Pocomoke High School has given and taught me everything I will need to know for the future. I could not have asked for a better place, atmosphere, or group of role models and teachers to spend my high school career in and around and graduating on May 29th will most definitely be bittersweet.”

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Brayden Hurley's Last Baseball game

posted May 14, 2018, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Diamonique Taylor

  Pocomoke High School senior, Brayden Hurley has played the game of baseball all four years of his high school career.Hurley first began playing baseball when he was just four years old. From that day he knew that was what he wanted to do.

   “It’s just something me and my family are very passionate about and i’ve stuck with it throughout my years ,” stated Hurley.

 Hurley has played travel ball since he was 12 years old. Hurley enjoyed playing with new people and being able to have fun doing what he loved best.

 Like every athlete, Hurley did experience some obstacles. At the age of 15 Hurley hurt his arm throwing too many curve balls. When hurley went to the doctors they said he tore his Tommy John ligament in his right arm.

   “It was very depressing because it seemed as if I would never be able to play baseball again,” stated Hurley.

The doctors informe hurley at university of maryland hospital that two possible outcomes would take place. Hurley’s body would either adapt to the pain or his elbow would pop out of it’s socket.

  “My body adjusted to the pain. It only hurts when my arm is not conditioned,” stated Hurley.

   Saturday, May 12th2018, Hurley played in his last high school game at Snow Hill High School. The team lost 11-4. Many of the teammates were devastated.

   “I was upset after the game was over because I believed there should have been a different outcome. We could have won the game if we didn’t have so many errors” stated Hurley.

   Hurley plans to attend University of Maryland Eastern Shore in the Fall of 2018. Going to college he has been giving a scholarship in academics and also plans to play on the UMES baseball team.


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Junior on the Rise this Baseball Season

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Cristen Quillen

    Junior year sport seasons for many athletes can become very stressful because with being an upperclassman also comes the task of stepping in as a team leader and also having the maturity to grow into the player the athlete wants to be. Many athletes as a junior want their name to be known, going into their senior year they want other teams to be on a lookout for them and know that they are an competitive threat on the field or court.

    A junior at Pocomoke High School by the name of Shawn Darnell Taylor, has been playing baseball at Pocomoke for 3 years now but has been playing baseball on different levels for many more years than that. Shawn Taylor has been playing baseball for little ling teams as well as travel teams since he was 4 years old.

    This season has been a very exciting one for Taylor so far. Taylor started off the season strong by going 2 for 2 in his first game leaving him with a perfect 1000% batting average to start of the season. One of the key moments so far this season in Taylor’s play, was when he hit an absolute bomb in the 7th inning against Snow Hill, one of Pocomoke’s rivals, amd tied the game.

    Taylor stated, “It was the top of the 7th and we were down by one run. We were facing a really good pitcher who is actually going to play Division 1 baseball next year so the pressure was even higher. I just focused on getting on base in whatever way i could, I told myself not to swing for the fence but when i felt that swing, I knew right away it was gone.”

    Right now for his junior season, which is not over, Shawn Taylor is batting about a 400% and has a fielding percentage of 1000 in his position as an outfielder.

    With his outstanding junior season and his senior season ahead of him next year, the sky is truly the limit in the future for Taylor.

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Hurley Completes the Season

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By: Alexis Cullen

   Overall, the baseball team has a strong connection that not many teams around here share. The seniors this year have a special bond that will most likely lead to a lifelong friendship. Having a team that is so close allows for strong communication throughout games which is one of the main aspects in any sports game.

   Brayden Hurley is a senior and 4 year player for Pocomoke High School’s varsity baseball team. Being that the end of the baseball season is fast approaching Hurley has stepped up to the plate as a big help to the team.

   Hurley has been one of the number one pitchers for Pocomoke, especially this year’s season.

   The Pocomoke High School baseball team recently played their senior game where all seven seniors were recognized immediately after they faced the Washington High School baseball team.

   Finishing out the regular season with a 10-0 win against Washington High School. Hurley’s place on the mound only allowed one single hit and he had 11K’s throughout the game.

   Throwing complete games is something Hurley does not take lightly because he knows he has a lot on his plate but with the help of his teammates anything was possible.

   “I always had a good defense behind me to keep my pitch count low through my complete games,” says Hurley.

   Keeping the batters guessing is important throughout the games.

   Hurley stated, “Whenever I had all my pitches working for me it would always keep the hitters thinking throughout the time that they were at the bat and this led me to having more and successful strikeouts.”

   Once Hurley graduates he plans on continuing his baseball career at the D1 University of Maryland Eastern Shore.       


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Cristen Quillen's Last Season of Softball

posted May 8, 2018, 7:02 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Diamonique Taylor

   Pocomoke High School senior, Cristen Quillen has played many different sports throughout her life. Quillen has played Field Hockey, Softball, and Basketball throughout her high school career. Quillen has played softball since she was just six years old.

    See the source image “When I was little I used to always go to my sister’s softball tournaments. Going to her tournaments, I realized that I wanted to be just like her,” stated Quillen.

    Quillen was apart of the Severna Park Hornets travel team for many years. Quillen enjoyed playing with each individual and just enjoying the game she loved.

    Although Quillen had been playing softball since she was just 6 and was a great pitcher, she did face some obstacles. When Quillen was just 15 the doctors told her that she had over pitched and had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

    “When the doctor informed me of this because I was really upset because I realized it would hinder me from doing the best I could do in the sport I loved.” stated Quillen.

    Ever since this problem, Quillen has had many problems with her shoulder while also playing other sports. In her senior year of field hockey, Quillen had to get her arm taped up and it had to stay monitored at each game and practice.

    Monday, May 8th 2018, Quillen played her senior game at Pocomoke High School. The team lost 6-3.

    “I was upset about the lost yesterday. I feel as if some people didn’t want to be out on the field. There were certain times when we would work together and fight back though. It was just a lot of errors,” stated Quillen.

    Quillen plans to attend Washington College in the Fall of 2018. Although she can’t play field hockey, she does polan to play the sport of softball in college if her shoulder is healed from surgery.


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Graduation in 25 Days

posted May 4, 2018, 6:37 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Monique Snead

    Pocomoke High Schools seniors are finally graduating. They never thought it would come so quick, after a long 4 years the day is finally approaching.

    “I am overwhelmed, I have to buy a dress, shoes, get hair done, I need know who is coming, and I need more tickets, we only get 5. It’s stressful,” said Piajah Johnson See the source image

    Graduation is a lot more stressful and complicated than people would think, there are a lot of things that needs to be done before anyone is allowed to walk across the stage. Students need to wear the right colors, have all their credits and make sure all of the obligations are paid.

    “I’m ready it is exciting, but at the same time it’s also stressful I mean we only get 5 tickets I have a big family and people do not want to sell their tickets,” said Diamonique Taylor.

     It seems as though everyone is more concerned with getting all their loved ones to come and watch them graduate, but with only 5 tickets and a class of 95 it is nearly impossible to find more.

    “I am glad because I’m ready to go to college and start my new adventure in life,” said Samantha Dingus.

     There is an a whole new life waiting for them, also for some it will be the first time they will be on their own. No one will be there for them and it is scary.

    “ For me, I am ready to go but it is also different, I’m going to Savannah State and it is 10 hours away. If I need something my parents can’t just coming running to me, I have to figure it out on my own, said Le’Tia McCready

    In 25 days these seniors will be walking across the stage, saying their final goodbyes and thank yous to all the people that helped them get there.

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Cassady Williams Graduates Early

posted Apr 4, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Apr 5, 2018, 7:26 AM ]

By: Diamonique Taylor

    Not every student gets the option to graduate early. One must have the grades,behavior, and credits to be able to graduate early. It is a privilege to graduate early.

    Cassady Williams is a phenomenal student. Williams was suppose to graduate in the year of 2019. Instead she will be graduating with the senior class this year, the class of 2018.

    One must have the qualifications to be eligible to graduate early. Different schools may have different policies to the requirements to graduating early. Two of the main requirements include good grades and having all of your credits.


  “Dr.Wallace informed me that I was eligible to graduate because I had all my credits as a junior.” stated Williams.

    Some may feel pressured or may not even like the thought of not graduating with close friends. Some even say it takes an emotional toll on you, feeling all the pressure from other people.

     “I am actually really excited to be graduating early. I don’t feel as though an emotional toll is being created. I am just really excited,” stated Williams.

      As an early graduate, you too have to fill out college applications and scholarships as a junior. You have the same college choices as any other graduating senior. You can apply to as many colleges as you would prefer and could have the chance of getting accepted into each.

    “After I graduate I plan to attend Wor-Wic. I then hope to transfer eventually to Salisbury University to get a higher degree,” stated Williams.

    Graduating high school may not be stressful or emotional to the actual future graduate but could have an effect of the future graduate’s family and friends. They may feel as if it is too soon or that the future graduate is not ready for the real world.

    “I did think about graduating early before I was even asked. My family all seem to be happy for me and really excited,” stated Williams.

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High School Senior on Her Way to Success

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Cristen Quillen

     One of the biggest things that can stress a high school senior or even a high school junior is the idea of what they will do for the rest of their lives. Figuring out a career before entering college can eliminate a big burden and allow for a stress-free start to ones future.

    A senior at Pocomoke High school by the name of Destinee Johnson, has attended the Worcester County Technical School  where she spends  half of her day and the other half of the day at Pocomoke.See the source image

At the Technical School Johnson, is apart of the Cosmetology program in which she has gained experience with chemicals, hair color and dying, using acrylic nails and styling them, roller sets for hair, perms for hair, and pedicures.

    “I am very thankful for the ability to have been able to go to the Tech School for these past couple of years and now into  my senior year because I now have the experience with many things I will need to work with in the future,” said Johnson.

    Johnson stated, “I personally really enjoy Cosmetology and all the opportunities that accompany it because I enjoy seeing people excited about what I have been able to do for them.” “Doing what I love and seeing people happy about it is all I could ever ask for and more,” Johnson also stated.

    Destinee Johnson just recently passed her written portion of the test for her Cosmetology license and in two weeks she will take the hands on portion of the test and hopefully receive her license for Cosmetology.   

    Johnson is also a part of the ROTC program at Pocomoke High School and after high school she has made the most honorable decision to either enter into our nation’s air force or marine corps.

    “I have truly enjoyed being in the ROTC program here at Pocomoke High School and I just know in my heart that I truly want to protect our country.” said Johnson. Destinee Johnson also commented on the fact that, “Entering into the air force or the marines will force me to push harder than I ever have before, and I can’t to be a part of something bigger.”

     With several big plans for the future Destinee Johnson seems to have her future all figured out.

    “By hopefully getting my Cosmetology license, I have a plan B if my other plans do not work out the way I plan, and that takes the stress off of my shoulders with graduation approaching because I have my plans set,” said Johnson.

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Cameron Lilliston Getting Hit By a Softball and Coming Back Strong

posted Mar 16, 2018, 6:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Monique Snead

     On Thursday, March 8th, 2018 Cameron Lilliston was outside practicing with her team when a ball changed her life. It was a basic practice, with the coach, Scott hitting pop flys to the out field. The ball came hurling towards Lilliston, yet while  playing center field, but the sun was blocking the ball and she couldn’t see it, the ball landed on her eye.

    “ I heard ringing, there was blood everywhere, for a second I couldn’t see and Scott was trying to hold my head up and I thought I was going to see Jesus, said Lilliston.

     One of the team members ran to the athletic trainer, Mrs.Kim Baker. The team was in complete shock and wasn’t sure what happened.

    “ Scott hit a pop fly right the center and the ball fell on her face, she missed it, we thought the bone under her eye was broken, her eye was black and swollen and she had a bloody nose and mouth,” said Jenny Taylor, the assistant coach.

    Taylor was worried about Cameron, in fact she started tripping over her own feet trying to get the her.

   “ I said a bad word, to make sure that Scott knew that something was wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t thought anything of it, when I hopped up,” states Taylor.

    The ambulance was called and Lilliston was rushed to the hospital with a fractured face.

    “ I don’t really remember much of what happened or what was said when I got to the hospital, there were alot of doctors. I was drugged up,” said Lilliston

    Everyone on the team was so worried about her while she was gone and kept asking for updates on her and making sure that she was okay, they couldn’t wait for her to come back.

    “ When the doctors said I could come back to school, I was happy. I got tired of sitting home and sleeping all the time, and as for softball, I’m coming back this year if possible and definitely next year. I love it,”says Lilliston.

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You Only Win With Hard Work

posted Mar 15, 2018, 7:44 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Diamonique Taylor

    When many people think of winning, they think of a sport. But Pocomoke High School Senior, Lamont Hall, won the Optimistic Club Art Contest. His heart has belonged to art ever since he was 12, although he started doing art at just the age of 5.

    “I wanted to do this competition because it’s always nice entering your work in contests and shows. Even if you don’t win it’s still fun because you get to show off your skills,” stated Hall.

    Hall found out about the contest when his current art teacher, Mrs.Tobiassen, asked him to submit his piece into the competition as she does each year.

    “I drew an architectural drawing, using charcoal. It took me about three weeks to complete,” stated Hall.

           Entering a contest that you’ve never entered before can be nerve wrecking and maybe even make you really nervous.

    “I had high hopes because I put a lot of time and effort into creating the drawing. I believed I had the chance of winning,” said Hall.

     It is always nice to have someone there to push you along the way or maybe just encourage you when you feel like giving up. Everyone needs some encouragement in their lives to help lead them to their accomplishments.

    “Mrs.Tobiassen helped me tremendously. She always gives me constructive criticism and a lot of encouragement to push me along the way,” said Hall.

    With all the hard work and time that Hall put into the piece, he was able to pull out and win the contest. Hall won first place in the drawing category. Hall’s reward was a prize of three hundred dollars. With hard work you can win. The amount of time, encouragement, and effort Hall put in allowed him to win the contest with first place.


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