5 Words That Changed a 2 Year Old’s Life

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Diamonique Taylor


    Alexis Cullen’s parents always thought that something was different about her. Growing up they noticed that she walked different from all the other kids around her. Cullen fell off of a bed one day and could not walk. Her parents immediately decided to take her to the doctor.

    “My family told me that they took a lot of test and it took a really long time for the test results, ” said Cullen.

     When the results finally came back, the doctor said to her family “She has Rheumatoid Juvenile Arthritis”. The arthritis was located in both knees and her right shoulder. As a child Cullen too realized she walked funny and had a lot of doctor visits. Although when her parents told her that she had arthritis she didn’t understand it, In middle school, at the age of 9 is when she finally understood it all.

    Cullen was involved in field hockey for all 4 years of her high school career. The arthritis had a huge impact on what she could do on the field.

     “My arthritis limited me to running because it hurt in my knees,” said Cullen.

   Some people may think that having arthritis is an advantage to the world because of the disability. Cullen said,

    “It’s different having arthritis at a young age like me versus an older age. It’s not really an advantage when it limits me to stuff I can do.”

Before her remission at the age of 13, Cullen always went through a tough time with her arthritis and doctor visits.  Although it has been better dealing with her arthritis Cullen still has moments when the pain is severe.

“I sometimes wish i didn’t have arthritis because it causes pain, especially on rainy days,” said Cullen.

No one in Cullen’s family has arthritis so it is still a mystery on how she got it at the age of 2.

“ Even though arthritis has troubled me throughout life, I’d never let it stop me from playing sports and staying active,” said Cullen.

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