A Fresh Life

posted Dec 11, 2017, 7:41 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tatyana Waters

    Freshman, Tamari Cutler, has completely started a new life here in Pocomoke City. He went from living the big life in Miami, FL to being in a small town with big goals. Being a student from another state along with being a freshman can be very challenging.

    Cutler feels like he serves a purpose at Pocomoke High. “I was uncomfortable at first because I didn’t really know anyone but now I’ve started coming out of my shell.” said Cutler.  Getting involved with the right group at a new school can open many doors. Getting to know the positive people around the school gives an opportunity for the community to learn who you are.

    Cutler hasn’t gotten involved with numerous programs at school yet, but he seems to have found his calling. In the musical “Beauty & the Beast”, Cutler has been given the opportunity to play the role of Lefou, the sidekick of Gaston. “I love being in the musical. It gives me an opportunity to build connections with new people and be someone other than myself.” Participating in the musicals at school is an open opportunity to make your debut in the community as a new student. The plays are a hit every year and the community enjoys a new face. With his personality and ego, Cutler is guaranteed a new fan club.

    Being a freshman, Cutler sees the importance of staying on top of assignments and staying involved around the school. High school is much different from middle school. Grades are no longer given, they are always earned. Cutler has found a way to keep his grades up and still participate in extracurricular activities.

    Getting a head start on how to balance life is beneficial. Cutler has learned very fast that it takes a mental balance to progress through high school. Failures will arise, they must be accepted and learned from. Learning from a failure is all the more reason you should continue to push and strive for greater. This is what Cutler lives by. He is on the verge of creating his life and determining what is for him and what is not.

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