posted Jan 26, 2017, 8:01 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: DeShonda Dennis

    Pocomoke High School’s Drama Club did a phenomenal job performing their winter play, Aladdin. The cast performed Wednesday through Friday for their student body and Pocomoke Elementary School, then on Saturday for the community.

    Junior Tatyana Waters played the roles of narrator and one of the Harem girls. “My favorite part about the play was when the cast walked through the aisles of the auditorium and interacted with the audience for Prince Ali.”

    Tatyana enjoyed performing for the younger students who came to PHS to watch the play and the public who came Saturday night. “It was exciting to the kid’s faces when we interacted with them,” said Tatyana. “The public was very interactive as well and they really enjoyed the performance.”

   When it came down to playing her roles, Tatyana connected quickly with her characters. “It was very easy to play my characters because I love talking and being happy is part of my nature,” she stated. “The only challenging part was being snobby in the beginning but with many rehearsals, I adjusted to the character very well.”

    Not only was the play fun and exciting for Tatyana but she learned some life lessons along the way. “I learned that you have to work at everyone else’s pace. You can’t stress or argue with someone because they don’t take pride in their performance. You have to be in character on and off set.”

    With the lessons she learned from participating in the play, she has some advice for others would like to try acting. “Do it and have fun! Acting is all about connecting with a character outside of your original lifestyle.”

    The Aladdin play was a great performance and the drama club did an excellent job performing in front of their peers and the public.
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