posted Jan 27, 2017, 7:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: De’Aunjana’e Wise


     POCOMOKE CITY, MD---On Wednesday, January 17, 2017, the Drama Club produced their first mini-version of Disney’s play “Aladdin”. The “Aladdin” play was shown from Wednesday through Saturday evening to local elementary and middle schools.

     A stand-out character in the play would have to be the parrot “Iago”, who was played by junior Peyton Becker. Iago kept the children laughing and engaged in the play the entire time.

     Becker auditioned for the play so that she could try something new and step out of her comfort zone. “I loved playing Iago because it gave me the chance to be one of the bad guys and to have little kids laugh at me,” stated Becker.

     The younger kids loved Iago because she was the most relatable character to them, who was always getting treated like a kid. In fact Becker’s favorite line was “The only thing worse than being treated like a parrot, is being treated like a kid!”

     Being in a play could often times be a problem for some people when trying to remember their lines, but that was not a problem for Becker, because she memorized her lines by reading her script almost every night with her dad. She also watched the “Aladdin” movie at least 10 times so she could match Iago’s voices and actions. Before going on stage she would take a deep breath.

     Becker not only played Iago in the play but she had other roles also. “When I had a break, I would be running to the dressing room to change costumes for the next scene,” said Becker.

     Acting as Iago also had some cons for Becker throughout the play. “The only thing I didn’t like was having to speak like a parrot so much that it would hurt my throat after the show,” explained Becker. Acting as Iago challenged Becker to speak like a parrot throughout the whole show, in which she did very well.

     Even though she was faced with some challenges while playing Iago that did not stop Becker from performing her heart out every performance. She loved acting as Iago in the play and wouldn’t want to play another character because she had so much fun.

     “Aladdin” has left an everlasting impression on Becker, allowing her to gain more confidence in herself. Her advice to future actors was that, “drama shows are never perfect. Each and every performance is different, and that is what makes them so special. So don’t worry if you mess up because the audience doesn’t know the difference, just play it off!”

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