A Syndrome that Changed a Girl’s Life

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:53 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Monique Snead

“ I’ve always wanted to be a pitcher,” said Quillen

     Cristen Quillen has always played softball and was always the pitcher. She started playing at an early age, her first choice of position was pitcher. Quillen never thought about playing any other positions, just pitcher. Over the years Quillen continued to pitch and pitch for different teams at high speeds, taking lessons after lessons from a pitching coach.

“ I pitch 60 to 62 mph,” said Quillen

    Such high speeds for someone throwing with just their arm, and doing it everyday too. That has to be a lot for anyone, imagine always pitching every game, every practice; the damage it can do to your shoulder. When Quillen was 15 her shoulder began to hurt and bother her while she was practicing, but that didn’t stop her from playing the game she loved.

    “ I was born with a small space between my shoulder and clavicle, and I overused it,” said Quillen

Quillen  found out that she has Thoracic Outlet Syndrome also known as TOS January 2016, TOC is a genetic syndrome meaning that people in her family may also suffer from this as well. The doctor informed her that she will need surgery soon. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome isn’t something that is bad or anything, she can still be active as before.

    “ If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t had changed anything in my life”- Quillen

    While talking to Cristen she mentioned that nothing would have stopped her from pursuing the things she loves. As determined as she is Quillen says “ nothing will stop me from pursuing the things I love”.  What Quillen has done an amazing job with her pitching and even though she is living with this and needs the surgery she said that it will not stop her from being athletic and doing what she loves.

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