posted Mar 7, 2016, 8:03 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Licurtis Whitney

What can I say about Mr. Zimmer that has not already been said before? Mr. Zimmer can be seen wearing a Christmas suit around the holidays, being what he calls a so called pro at dodge ball, or Yelling out “butter” on the basketball court when he makes a three pointer it is safe to imply that Mr. Zimmer is a key part of the Pocomoke Warrior family.

Mr. Zimmer, Stephen Decatur alumni has traded in his colors from blue and white to blue and gold and is enjoying every moment of it. From Corny jokes or being the door man at the basketball games overall he is just a great person to be around. Senior Leander Roberts expressed his likeness towards Mr. Zimmer “He (Mr. Zimmer) is just a cool person to be around, it feels like he is one of us. Even though this is his first year in it feels as if he fits in perfectly with the atmosphere here at Pocomoke High School and he has great energy and a positive vibe.”

When asked about where he learned from and teachers that helped him, Mr. Zimmer credited the administration, Mrs. Butler, and Mr. Byrd “A lot of teachers and the administration helped me out, Mr. Byrd the sports director is legendary and I can really learn a lot from him, Mrs. Butler is a experienced teacher who taught me a lot and I can always go and get guidance from the administration if I need it.” His freshman year of teaching is almost over for Mr. Zimmer and we wish him many more. Mr. Zimmer is officially a part of the Pocomoke High School family and he is a great addition that should be here for many more to pass on his positive attitude, corny jokes and teachings on to the students.