Baseball Chronicles

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:50 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor


    When Byren Motes was about 10 years old he started to watch a lot of baseball games on TV. Byren didn’t have a favorite team growing up when his parents asked him his answers were “ Idk I just watch the game”.

When Byren went to the park to play on the playground he could see and hear the local little league teams playing and practicing during the afternoon everyday through the week. This is how Byren got into liking baseball he watched it every day he got home from school and would turn the TV on and watch baseball. Byren started to learn about baseball by reading books about Jackie Robinson and Lou Gehrig. He likes the sound of hitting baseballs in the springtime.

    Byren’s parents were talking to him, and asking him questions about the sport of baseball and they asked him “What is your favorite professional baseball team?” Byren said “ the New York Yankees is my favorite professional baseball team” because they have won so many world series championships and they ae

a good team. Byren’s favorite college baseball teams are UMBC, UMES and Maryland he likes all Maryland schools for baseball.

    His first baseball experience or game was a Delmarva shorebirds game in Salisbury and he liked the game so he went back to every game they had on the weekends at the stadium. Byren ended up visiting Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park to have a stadium visit, when he was at Yankee Stadium he saw his favorite players Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and saw pictures, articles. He read a book on his favorite two players and it inspired him more to read about baseball and different players. Byren says “ I want to visit the hall of fame in Cooperstown New York.”

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