Beyond the Shore

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:33 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Tatyana Waters

    Cammie Mottley, Sophomore, is a worldwide traveler. She’s been to Hawaii, South Carolina, and London. “I visit my grandparents in South Carolina,” said Mottley.

    Traveling with a group can sometimes be fun. Mottley often travels with other people she’s really close with. “Usually my sister and my parents. I sometimes travel with friends to my grandparents house,” said Mottley.

    Generally, people choose a certain season to travel because of expenses or just the time frame. “Summer time or around Thanksgiving. Either time is a good time to go to the beach. Early in the morning is also a good time to travel,” said Mottley.

    Some people pack a little too much when they travel. They feel like they don’t have any way to purchase the things they forget. “I just take clothes and my dog. The general stuff a person takes when they go traveling,” said Mottley. Overpacking can be a big issue when it comes to larger families.

    Traveling generally takes people away from stress. It’s a reliever so people can get away from the same scenery for awhile. “I go to see family, have fun, and see things I don’t really see at home,” said Mottley.

     Travelers have different viewpoints when they go to certain places. “I have lots of fun. I feel relaxed,” said Mottley.

    Being in high school and being a traveler can sometimes be challenging. Keeping up with studies and keeping assignments turned in on time isn’t easy. “I don’t study on vacation. It’s my time to relax and have fun,” said Mottley.

    Traveling can also be dangerous. Mottley is still a teenager and always travels with family or friends. Traveling anywhere alone can be dangerous, but especially being a young female alone can be even worse. “I’m only 16 but I always travel with someone, never alone,” said Mottley. She’s got stamps in her passport already. Mottley is prepared for life ahead of her beyond the shore.

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