Cassady Williams Graduates Early

posted Apr 4, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Apr 5, 2018, 7:26 AM ]

By: Diamonique Taylor

    Not every student gets the option to graduate early. One must have the grades,behavior, and credits to be able to graduate early. It is a privilege to graduate early.

    Cassady Williams is a phenomenal student. Williams was suppose to graduate in the year of 2019. Instead she will be graduating with the senior class this year, the class of 2018.

    One must have the qualifications to be eligible to graduate early. Different schools may have different policies to the requirements to graduating early. Two of the main requirements include good grades and having all of your credits.


  “Dr.Wallace informed me that I was eligible to graduate because I had all my credits as a junior.” stated Williams.

    Some may feel pressured or may not even like the thought of not graduating with close friends. Some even say it takes an emotional toll on you, feeling all the pressure from other people.

     “I am actually really excited to be graduating early. I don’t feel as though an emotional toll is being created. I am just really excited,” stated Williams.

      As an early graduate, you too have to fill out college applications and scholarships as a junior. You have the same college choices as any other graduating senior. You can apply to as many colleges as you would prefer and could have the chance of getting accepted into each.

    “After I graduate I plan to attend Wor-Wic. I then hope to transfer eventually to Salisbury University to get a higher degree,” stated Williams.

    Graduating high school may not be stressful or emotional to the actual future graduate but could have an effect of the future graduate’s family and friends. They may feel as if it is too soon or that the future graduate is not ready for the real world.

    “I did think about graduating early before I was even asked. My family all seem to be happy for me and really excited,” stated Williams.

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