Chippy P. Johnson

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By: Brayden Hurley

    Doctors were baffled that it happened to Piajah Johnson this many times. It happened when she was 6, 9, 10, and 13 in several different scenarios.

    “My sister was pushing me in a buggy and I fell out of it. “

    This was the first case of an endless battle with the dentist and pain.

    “Riding a motor scooter in the house and I went up the carpet and hit my tooth on the handle bars.” The second time was even more painful when hitting a metal handle bar face first to the mouth

    “I was walking into the laundromat and I tripped on the carpet and hit my teeth on the counter.”

    Piajah is starting to turn accident prone on the 3rd time with this mishap. A little awkward change wording

    “I was playing basketball, somebody tripped me and I fell and hit my mouth on the concrete.”

    Ms. Johnson became a common name at the dentist office with all these accidents coming so early in life. She has two false front teeth and two caps on her teeth in the back of her mouth to fix the problems caused each time.

    The doctor said “How does a person chip their tooth 4 times and still have them.”

    Piajah said many jokes were made in her family and relatives laughing about the crazy stories on how it happened. Caps were put on to prevent further damage and so far they have worked.

    “My mom did because she told me to stop doing dumb stuff and I kept doing it.

    Her parents got very upset dishing out a lot of money for tooth repair that happened so frequently. Her parents made smart remarks all the time says Piajah.

    “No looks, I went straight to the dentist.

     She was embarrassed about the frequent happenings of chipping her teeth so she would go directly to the dentist to get them repaired.

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