Cristen Quillen's Last Season of Softball

posted May 8, 2018, 7:02 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Diamonique Taylor

   Pocomoke High School senior, Cristen Quillen has played many different sports throughout her life. Quillen has played Field Hockey, Softball, and Basketball throughout her high school career. Quillen has played softball since she was just six years old.

    See the source image “When I was little I used to always go to my sister’s softball tournaments. Going to her tournaments, I realized that I wanted to be just like her,” stated Quillen.

    Quillen was apart of the Severna Park Hornets travel team for many years. Quillen enjoyed playing with each individual and just enjoying the game she loved.

    Although Quillen had been playing softball since she was just 6 and was a great pitcher, she did face some obstacles. When Quillen was just 15 the doctors told her that she had over pitched and had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

    “When the doctor informed me of this because I was really upset because I realized it would hinder me from doing the best I could do in the sport I loved.” stated Quillen.

    Ever since this problem, Quillen has had many problems with her shoulder while also playing other sports. In her senior year of field hockey, Quillen had to get her arm taped up and it had to stay monitored at each game and practice.

    Monday, May 8th 2018, Quillen played her senior game at Pocomoke High School. The team lost 6-3.

    “I was upset about the lost yesterday. I feel as if some people didn’t want to be out on the field. There were certain times when we would work together and fight back though. It was just a lot of errors,” stated Quillen.

    Quillen plans to attend Washington College in the Fall of 2018. Although she can’t play field hockey, she does polan to play the sport of softball in college if her shoulder is healed from surgery.


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