Dylan’s Diamond Detailing

posted Nov 7, 2017, 7:29 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Nov 7, 2017, 7:43 AM ]

By: Chris Sanders

   Senior Dylan Peterson created a small local business for detailing cars. Dylan has a passion for keeping his truck clean inside and out.

   Dylan speaks about it, “I was good at keeping my truck clean and I wanted to make some money, so I decided to combine them and create a business for helping other people keep their cars/trucks clean.”

   Diamond Detailing might have a future with Dylan. “I want to have this as a future option, I would like to find a better location, get a building to house my business, and advertise my business.” Building a business can create different motives for you when it comes to attacking a gameplan in the real world.

   But a business like that can be very flexible when it comes to making your own time. But also the business part can vary too. Washing and detailing cars is a very streaky type of pay when it comes to bringing in business.

   With summer and winter and everything and the temperature you would need to find a way to still bring in business consistently throughout the whole year if you want to be successful.

   “In the summer I would get up to 4 cars/week, but in the fall/winter I begin to only get 1-2 cars/week.” If you put that into proportions with having a bigger business and advertising the business, would it be enough to keep the business going?

   You still have to pay for things that you can clean the cars with and everything. Products for cleaning cars aren't very cheap and he’ll tell you that himself. “It varies on the product you use. You could go to dollar general and get cleaning supplies, but there are more complex cleaners that you can buy but are more expensive.”

   The process of cleaning and detailing a vehicle is time-consuming and with making a business out of it and bringing in more and more cars at a time, you will need to know how to be a good time manager.

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