Early Out;Cassady Williams

posted Dec 15, 2017, 7:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Michaela Redden

     If you walk the halls of any high school you may hear the following coming from students, “I cant wait till I graduate and get out of here.” “ I wish I was graduating this year.” or “ Thank god I only got one more year left.” Many students only wish they could graduate early and leave high school. For student Cassady Williams, that wish is coming true. She has been accepted to graduate a year early.

     Williams who recently turned 16 in September, will be able to graduate with the class of 2018 as she will have all of the credits needed at the end of this year. “I’m pretty excited but also scared since I’m just a baby”, Williams said. It all started with William’s older sister telling her how she graduated early and since then, she has wanted to as well.

    She started working with Ms.Bova, one of the guidance counselors, to see what classes she needed to take to get everything going. “Ms.Bova helped me a lot. If I didn't have her I probably wouldn't be able to even do this.” according to Williams the process was actually easy. Having her mom and herself write a letter to Dr. Wallace and the Board of Education looks it over and if they accept it, she is granted her wish to graduate early. If not, she would have to wait another year and stay with her original class of 2019.

     In order to still be allowed to graduate early, she must pass all her classes and keep up her GPA as well. After graduating, Williams plans on being a nurse working with kids at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters. “I want to work there because I feel bad knowing that some of those kids have to live there, and maybe having someone positive and bright like me will make it better.”

    William states that she doesn't feel any different and no one treats her differently at school. Other than being able to do all that the seniors do. “ If they leave early so do I or if they have class meetings I go to them too.” said Williams. In the end Williams has done something that many only wish of.

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