posted Feb 14, 2017, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat


By: Brandon Townsend

    Growing up in a small city of Pocomoke Maryland, Skyler Williams has one dream, and that is to become a star soccer player. Skyler was 14 years old when he first started playing soccer.

    His first soccer experience was terrible. It was his first time ever playing, losing the ball and not keeping up with the other kids. He said, “the other kids would hate me because I kept turning the ball over.”

    When Skyler first started playing soccer he was not very familiar with the game. The ability to control the ball and be acrobatic in the air is what made him fall in love with the game.

    Although it may seem like it, Skyler's first sport was not always soccer. In fact, he first played basketball because it ran in the family. Skyler still plays basketball from time to time, but soccer will always be his #1 sport.

    Skyler faced many challenges while playing soccer. His confidence was very low starting off due to the fact that he was not as good as he wanted to be and as other players. One day, while scrolling through emails, Skyler saw something that had to do with an Olympic Soccer Team. He felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase his talents. So he tried out for the team and fortunately made it.

    After high school, Skyler plans to attend UCLA to play Division 1 soccer and go pro but if not, he would like to play soccer overseas.

    Skyler was asked, “Is soccer your “way out” so to speak?”

He replied, “Not really, if I do well enough in school I can get a degree in Chinese Mandarin.”

    Skyler added, “Chinese Mandarin has always excited me to push myself further life.”

    Soccer has helped Skyler with his everyday life by teaching him to never give up on any task because all hard work pays off.

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