Got Any Summer Plans?

posted Mar 2, 2018, 6:56 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 2, 2018, 6:57 AM ]

By: Cristen Quillen

    Summer tends to be a lot of people’s favorite season and that is easy to understand why because for kids comes that very wanted break from school, but as well for adults comes the warm weather, beach days, and fun filled days outside with the family.

    For a senior at Pocomoke High School named Monique Snead, this year’s summer will be extremely busy. “My summer honestly will consist of me working as much as I possibly can so that when it comes time for me to go off to college in August, I will have enough money to last me until it comes time for me to come home again for winter break,” said Snead.

    Another student at Pocomoke High School,a junior named Shawn Taylor, stated, “I am extremely excited for summer this year, I plan on going to multiple baseball tournaments with my travel team, most likely every weekend. I also plan on visiting multiple colleges, so hopefully when senior year comes around I will have already picked a college and will not have to stress about it,” said Taylor.

    For adults, planning summer can be very different from the way that students plan their summer because of course there is still their career to focus on.

    “As a teacher I personally love when summer approaches because I have the opportunity to spend many family days with my kids at the beach, but by being a coach of the Pocomoke High School field hockey team a lot of time during the summer is invested in working not only with the high school team and getting them ready for season but also with younger girls who in a couple years will also be warriors,” stated Brandi Castaneda, a teacher and the  field hockey coach at Pocomoke High School.

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