Got Game?

posted Oct 24, 2017, 7:27 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Tatyana Waters

      Senior, Dylan Peterson, is a hardcore athlete but only participates in sports during certain seasons. “Fall is the best season because it’s not extremely hot and not extremely cold,” said Peterson.

     Some high school students would rather play an inside sport in the warmer seasons because of the heat. That doesn’t relate to Peterson. “I’ve played soccer and baseball since I was little,” said Peterson.

     Schoolwork is a major challenge for most students to keep up with while playing sports. It takes a lot of dedication and focus. For seniors, it’s an even bigger challenge because seniors have to apply for colleges and scholarships, on top of going to practices and games. “It depends on the classes I have during that season,” said Peterson.

     Planning ahead and getting due dates at least a week in advance can be really beneficial to student athletes. Having practice immediately after school makes it hard to get work done for the next day. “I plan ahead. I also try to get most of my work done during school hours,” said Peterson.

     Working plays a big role for most seniors. Finding time to complete assignments, be an athlete, and work is very time consuming. Ambition helps most students get through their tough seasons. “I have a job but it’s only on the weekends so it’s easier to manage between sports, school, and work,” said Peterson.

     Some people believe when having a passion for something, you get a new energy to always get the task completed. That could possibly be the case for Peterson. “I’ve never thought about quitting because I’ve always had a passion for the sports I play. I just couldn’t give that up, especially in my senior year,” said Peterson.

     Being a senior, everything you do is your last time doing it. Peterson had an injury early in his soccer season this year. “I was upset at first sitting on the sideline watching games while I was hurt. I ended up returning sooner than expected and I was excited to play the rest of the season,” said Peterson. One thing for sure,Peterson’s got motivation, ambition, and game.

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