How Much Love Can Someone Have For A Superstar They Have Never Met?

posted Feb 21, 2018, 7:13 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

  By: Cristen Quillen

    At the age of twelve an interesting young lady known as Monique Snead realized she had a very intriguing interest in the singer, actress, superstar Demi Lovato.

    Some people may say that being twelve is still to young to know what really interests you, but according to Monique, “it was Demi’s beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside that was so attractive and appealing. Demi’s ability to talk about her struggle with her mental illness known as bipolar disorder, as well as start organizations to help others with the same disorder or other mental illnesses brought about my love for Demi Lovato as a person.”

    When people realize that they truly have a love for another person or look up to them there are many reasons why that interests sparks, such as their friends have an interest or they see them doing something that they like.

    “ I was at home lying in bed watching the show X-Factor, at the time Demi was one of the judges on the show and her personality and humor shined over everyone else. “It was not because my family or friends had an interest for Demi, said Monique, “ I automatically loved her for myself when I first saw her and I realized that we had gone through the same things in life.”

    When it comes to really having an interest in a superstar, it is a hard task to ever be able to personally meet them because they are always busy and have thousands of fans.

    “I have never personally met Demi Lovato, but if I ever got the chance to meet her, I would like to meet her in a quiet place, like a restaurant bathroom. Monique even went as far as to tell what she would plan for her and Demi to do if they could spend a whole day together. Start a new paragraph with your quotes .

    “ I would ask her to spend the day with me in Disney Land and at the end of the day I would ask her to marry me.”

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