How to Prepare for College

posted Oct 27, 2017, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   Preparing for college can be very difficult and confusing when it comes to finding the right school and the right major. Also balancing school while doing all this applying can make it even more difficult. Some people don't know how to apply for colleges or have no idea what they want to do for college.

   Madison Ramos is a senior here at Pocomoke High School and speaks about college, “I'm somewhat ready for college, it's still hard knowing if the major and school i picked is what i really want to do”.

   Choices can change when as people get older, for example, if a person has picked a major and went through college and got a degree in that major but they get out of college and find a career for that major, but aren't happy with what they have left for the rest of their life.

   These choices are some of the biggest decisions in our lives as high school students. Choosing a major and school can speak what we do for the rest of our lives.

   When looking for a college to go to you have to think where you want to go. Whether its staying in state or traveling to another state. Madison says this about where she wants to go, “I want to go to another state for college. I want to because it will teach you responsibility for yourself and it's also a new environment so you can see what else is out there.”

   Another thing that is hard when applying for colleges is getting the colleges attention and trying to talk to colleges. Here are some tips from Madison on how to help find a college, “Keep your grades up and study for the SAT’s, contact them and try to schedule face-to-face meetings, get your name out there and let them contact you, and find colleges that have your major and have a high percentage that graduate from that major.

10/25/17 Edited by: PD