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By: Leander Roberts    

    Dr. Bergonia has won teacher of the year, this must be one her biggest achievements in her teaching career. She must be very thrilled that she has won Teacher of the Year. I asked Dr. Bergonia a few questions about winning the award and how she teaches. I asked Dr. Bergonia, how did you feel when you won TOTY? She responded “It was a great honor, to be recognized by her peers and her students and what she does must mean something”. She was a very caring teacher; she cares for her students and makes sure they do their best.

     She likes to help her students and work together as a whole class so that no student gets behind. I asked her what do you do to help your students who are struggling. “Every day is a new day; she has high expectations for all her students. I like to slow down and give them extra attention”. This shows that she cares about her students and wants them to do their best and be the best they can be. I asked her what made her want to become a teacher; she answered by saying “I always wanted to be a teacher. I had a classroom in the garage at the age of 9, she was the only girl in her neighborhood so she to gets some of the boys to come over and she be the teacher. Also, I like to work with kids.

     Dr. Bergonia is honored to have received the Teacher of the Year award. She is a very humble person, and she works hard at what she does. If she won teacher of the year she must be doing her job the right thing and doing her job the right way. She has matured as a teacher over the years, she started at the age of 21. Since she has started teaching her knowledge has grown. “when I first started I kept with plans that didn’t work, but now I know how to change her plans to something that works.” As well as her knowledge has grown her love for teaching has too. She really deserves this award for her hard work ethic and passion.


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