Hurley Completes the Season

posted May 10, 2018, 6:55 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Alexis Cullen

   Overall, the baseball team has a strong connection that not many teams around here share. The seniors this year have a special bond that will most likely lead to a lifelong friendship. Having a team that is so close allows for strong communication throughout games which is one of the main aspects in any sports game.

   Brayden Hurley is a senior and 4 year player for Pocomoke High School’s varsity baseball team. Being that the end of the baseball season is fast approaching Hurley has stepped up to the plate as a big help to the team.

   Hurley has been one of the number one pitchers for Pocomoke, especially this year’s season.

   The Pocomoke High School baseball team recently played their senior game where all seven seniors were recognized immediately after they faced the Washington High School baseball team.

   Finishing out the regular season with a 10-0 win against Washington High School. Hurley’s place on the mound only allowed one single hit and he had 11K’s throughout the game.

   Throwing complete games is something Hurley does not take lightly because he knows he has a lot on his plate but with the help of his teammates anything was possible.

   “I always had a good defense behind me to keep my pitch count low through my complete games,” says Hurley.

   Keeping the batters guessing is important throughout the games.

   Hurley stated, “Whenever I had all my pitches working for me it would always keep the hitters thinking throughout the time that they were at the bat and this led me to having more and successful strikeouts.”

   Once Hurley graduates he plans on continuing his baseball career at the D1 University of Maryland Eastern Shore.       


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