Is Prom even worth it?

posted Oct 19, 2017, 7:22 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Marcdalinda Lochard

    Most juniors and seniors are thinking about prom when the new year comes around. One night of the year where both boys and girls buys expensive dresses or tuxes and brings a date to a formal school dance. Each year, on social media you will be seeing people posting pictures with their dates, it's either they slay or nay. Is that one night where you spend about $300 dollars or more on hair, nails, dress, and shoes even worth it?

    It's not the end of the world if you don't go to prom, it's really not that big of deal, even if lots of people wants you to believe it is a big deal to go. “Seniors should attend their high school prom, it's the last year of school and you would miss out on many memmories”, said Madison Ramos.  In movies, prom is a magical nights, where you go with who you wanted, dance and enjoy the night. It doesn't always go that way, imagine walking in feeling are confident and cute but someone else got the same dress, “ i'm scared someone else will have the same dress as me, everyone wants to feel special and different but i would stay and still enjoy the night” said Ramos. or even the person you wanted to ask you went with someone else.

    Prom proposals are like asking someone to marry you. Some guys go all out to ask a girl to prom. There might also be competitions on who had the best proposal. “I wouldn't want him to go all out but also don't want him to do nothing small, it really depends on who ask me” said Ramos

    Even though it's only a one night thing, you should go to prom senior or junior year. Yes you would probably be spending lots of money, but life is about make memories. One day you can look back at your prom pictures and remember the last dance you went to during your High school year. Remember, you only have 4 years in high school, unless you're a super senior, so go to prom with a friend or boyfriend/ girlfriend and enjoy that night and don't forget to look your best, and remember if your not having fun, you can alway leave and just go to after prom.

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