Life Of a Amazing Nursing

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:17 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Madison Ramos

    Life is different for everyone in every way. Everyone takes different roads and chooses different careers or professions in life, but here is an insight on the amazing Dr. Penny Makuchal’s perspective on life and the path she chose. Dr. Makuchal chose nursing as her career path. She first started nursing 23 years ago, and currently has been an RN for 27 years now.

    As a child, Dr. Makuchal always wanted to be a nurse. Dr. Makuchal could never imagine herself working in any other profession but nursing. “I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t a nurse. I always wanted to be a nurse; and no other profession.” She also said, “What better way to earn a living than to help others when they are at their most vulnerable state- in sickness, disease, or injury.”

    When Dr. Makuchal was a nursing student, one of her best friends failed a course.“I was heartbroken for her.” So Dr. Makuchal began tutoring her and her friend passed!, “Ten years later, she was the labor and delivery nurse who helped deliver my daughter.” She wanted to encourage and nurture the next generation of nurses how she encouraged her friend. Helping her friend is what inspired her to start teaching future upcoming nurses.

    There has never been a time where Dr. Makuchal has questioned herself with the profession she chose in life. “I love my career choice and I have proceeded my career to get my Bachelor’s, Master's, and Doctoral Education.” Like all professions, people make choices in life and there is a positive and negative way it can affect you. For Dr. Makuchal the positive way her profession affected her is when former students of hers have been her nurses when she was pregnant in the ER. But, “Being a nurse has been a positive but, also a negative since my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve read between the lines and know more than the average family.”

    Dr. Makuchal loves her profession so much.“Seeing students excited and enthusiastic about caring for patients energizes me.”  It's the reason why she loves and doing what she does gives her the energy and excitement to wake up every morning and be proud of her profession. “I am proud of my profession and enjoy leaving a legacy of preparing and educating future nursing students into a career of caring.”

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