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By:Kassidy Sharpley

    Many of you know Ms.Jill Dillon. the school psychologist here at Pocomoke High School and other schools in the county.

    “8 years- Next year will be my 9th,” exclaimed Ms.Dillon on the question, how long has she worked as a school psychologist.

    Ms. Dillon has two daughters and when she leaves work, she does not take any work home. “Home time is devoted to my two daughters. I love my job, but my kids(Ashleigh and Savannah) will always come first”.

    Pocomoke Elementary, the school Ms.Dillon goes to the most. “Those kids need early intervention so the problems will decrease/diminish as the get older.” stated Ms.Dillon

    Testing cognitive abilities and screen for ADHD, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety are some things Ms.Dillon does as a school psychologist. “I do some counseling. I work with special education teachers”

    To be a school psychologist, “you must attend a school that offers both the Masters plus certification process in school psychology” says Ms.Dillon to anyone that wants to become a school psychologist.

    “The salary ranges per county. The average salary is about $50,000 per year.” states Ms.Dillon telling us how much the average salary is for a school psychologist.

    The process to she went through to become the school psychologist, was a lot of work. She had to get her Master’s Degree in school psychology. “... an additional 50 credits which certified me as a school psychologist. I also had to complete a practicum and internship.”

    Being a school psychologist may not be for everyone, but for this wonderful woman, she loves it. “...because I work with kids Pre-K-12th and get to help them with various issues.”

    If anyone very needs to talk to someone about school problems, such as focusing in class, Ms.Jill Dillon is the woman to talk to! She will help you with your problems at the best of her ability.


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