“Need a New Foot?

posted Feb 21, 2018, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

 BY : Piajah Johnson

    “ No , I was born with it and it has gotten worse over time “

     Samantha Dingus has an everyday condition that causes her to have difficulties with her everyday tasks . It's not hereditary . Having a crooked bone underneath her big toe is a big struggle.

     “ I need surgery to fix my foot . They’re going to remove a extra bone and place pins in the crooked bone”

      Needing surgery to fix her foot it may have an impact on her later on in life . It may take a year or so to recover from the surgery . Even though she may recover she may not be able to run again . That means no more playing sports .  

    “ My family knows it bothers me , they just want me to through  college sports before I have surgery “

    Having to have surgery, that will take place after college . Knowing the possibilities she’s still willing to go through with the surgery . She does go to the doctor because there is nothing she can really do but get surgery if she wants her her foot to be better .  “ I don’t go to the doctor often because it’s nothing they can really do at this point”

     “ It causes me pain while playing sports

     Causing pain while playing . It may hurt worse after playing a sport. You go from little movement to no movement at all which relaxes your bones . “ Pain is a 7 before playing a sport and 10 after playing,” recalled Dingus.

      This is the first you have heard about about this kind of condition, But it happens to a lot of people . “Iwill recover great threw hard work and determination,” said Dingus.

     Being able to go through this  and staying strong believe has made Samantha a strong young lady . And she will succeed even after surgery . “ where there's a will there’s a way,” stated Angela Merkel “  

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