Nothing Can Stop Me!

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By:Dylan Peterson

     An avid soccer player Noah Brittingham has always had a love for the game. He was introduced to soccer at the age of 4 and played in the Rec League at Newtowne Park. In 2014, he was coming into high school as a freshman. As freshman years season came to a close at the State Semi Finals, he looked to improve next season.

     Sophomore season comes around and he felt like there was something wrong in his back. He went to the doctor and he received some bad news…

     “Sophomore year was my first season ending injury, I had two stress fractures in my back.” Brittingham said

     He sat the bench and cheered on his teammates for an entire season without any complaints but everyone knew he was ready to be on that field again. Finally after a long and miserable wait he was cleared to play.

     “It meant the world to me to be back on that field again, I can’t descried how it felt” said Brittingham

      After a long recovery, would this injury still be weak and could be reinjured or was it as strong as before?

     “At first I was scared about injuring my back again, but then I got used to playing on it which made it stronger.” said Brittingham

     Junior season was coming to an end, as the team failed to capture the State Title. He was devastated

     As preseason rolls around for the last and final time, it is senior year season. His excited grew as the team was about to play their first scrimmage of the year, but it didn’t end to well for him…

     “We had a scrimmage against Laurel, I was taken out while on the ball and fell on my shoulder. I knew it wasn’t good and it ending being a broken collar bone.” Brittingham said

     This couldn’t stop him though, an 8 week recovery was definitely not what he wanted, but at least he’d be back just in time for the first round of playoffs.

     “I want to lead my team back to the State Final and win this time as my goal for the year.” Brittingham said.

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