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posted Dec 19, 2017, 7:07 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Dylan Peterson
Getting a haircut is a normal for most people to get done every once in a while, but the person cutting the hair is most important to ensure to customer receives a good haircut. Noah Brittingham has been cutting hair for a while now and has been gaining a clientele base.
Brittingham, started cutting hair when he bet Yurii Larimore and Brittingham won the bet, Larimore said he liked it and Brittingham continued to cut hair. At first Brittingham watching YouTube videos to learn the technique of cutting hair and also he would watch the barber cut his hair to pick up some techniques from the barber.
     At first, he began cutting his friends hair and then other people started to notice how good his work was and then more and more people started coming to Brittingham to get a haircut. 

“I plan on making a career out of being a barber because I enjoy cutting hair and it won’t even feel like I am working” he has cut many peoples hair and has gotten all positive comments about his work never a negative one.   

His reason for cutting hair is “I cut hair because I enjoy it and like the feeling of making somebody look fresh and changing their appearance and also I earn some money.” He cuts hair out of his house right now until he can save enough money to rent a building or rent a chair at another barber shop.

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