Outlook of Pep Rallies from Freshman

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

    Pep rallies have been a thing we’ve done the week of homecoming to hype the school up for the upcoming events event along with spirit week. Pep rally brings all the grades together into the big gym and will have pep talks and different activities where the grades will go against each other. But freshman are in a different boat than the rest of the grades, they haven't been to one of our pep rallies and they don’t know what is involved. So not a lot of times they won't be as energetic because of the new atmosphere.

    But freshman Ashlee Gale has a different opinion, “I'm a very energetic girl and Ii like to have a lot of fun.”

    “Pep rallies were not allowed in middle school because the way students acted. But sometimes we had assemblies”. Freshman haven't seen an actual pep rally yet, but soon they will. But none of the classes know what's in the actual pep rally so in a certain way we are all on the same level.

    Ashlee explains how there will be change, “I will like high schools pep rallies better than middle schools because, we will be able to do more because maturity.” “We have more freedom and there is so much i've heard that the high school does at their pep rallies.”

    Freshman don't know what consists of a pep rally but from some freshman the pep rally will be very enlightening to them and a good incentive since they didn't have any in middle school.

10/18/17 Edited By MR