Rudy the Stress Reliever.

posted Mar 2, 2018, 6:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 8, 2018, 7:06 AM ]
By: McKenzie Mitchell

     Many students at Pocomoke High School often feel the stress of classes and homework during the school year. Juggling extracurricular activities and the pressure from school, it is very easy for students to become overwhelmed and stressed out.

     Rudy, a golden retriever owned by the schools guidance counselor, Ms. Bova, has become a certified stress reliever. The cute and cuddly dog, walks Pocomoke High halls giving comfort and companionship to anyone who needs it.

    Students were asked how they felt about Rudy’s presence here at Pocomoke High School.

    Brayden Hurley said, “It is great to have him here. Whenever I get down in my feelings, I just go to him for emotional support in my times of trouble.”

    Samantha Dingus said, “I love Rudy being here, he is so friendly and cute!” It is clear that Rudy has had a big impact on students in the short two years he has been here. Rudy has been such a success and he will be around Pocomoke High School for many more years to come.

    Mr. Zimmer who is the school’s psychology, health teacher, has been planning to train his dog to become a certified stress relief dog just like Rudy. OC, may only be a young puppy, but he has shown promising characteristics of becoming a stress relief dog when he has made recent trips to school.

     When asked how they felt about another dog possibly joining the Pocomoke High School family, Diamonique Taylor said, “I think dogs are great and cute, but I am still going to like Rudy the most.”

     OC will be a great addition to Pocomoke High School when he gets certified, but it is clear that Rudy will still be the favorite. Thanks to Rudy, the stress level of many students has gone down because of his lovable nature.

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