Shawn Taylor Aka: Lazybones

posted Feb 21, 2018, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 2, 2018, 7:05 AM ]

By: Jordan Croswell

     Shawn Taylor is a baseball player who plays for the Pocomoke High School baseball team.  He is well known for his speed and consistency on and of the field. But despite his skills on the field Shawn has another side no one knows about. Shawn “Runs on Black People Time.”No matter how quick he is on the baseball field, Shawn takes a long time handling everything. I asked Taylor where did,“Running on Black People Time”, originate from and he responded.
     “I started running on black people time when I was young.My mom and dad made it a habit for me.  It runs in the family.”

    Shawn adapted to his surroundings at a young age and began to realize that taking your time isn’t a bad thing.Now Taylor is much older and is never worried about being slow at his daily tasks.  His swiftness on the field is never affected by his sloth like movements that takes place off the field.  Baseball practice, going to school, and meeting up with friends are actions that Shawn takes his time with.   

    Many people in the world keep track of how long it would take them to do tasks.Either through Task Management, Issue Tracking, by phone and many more.  Research by John C. Maxwell shows that people who use their time wisely are committed to values, they are purposeful and attuned to their strengths.But people like Shawn don’t care about how long it takes to reach a certain point.Shawn doesn’t mind being a little late at something important.  

    He said, “Others spend their time wisely.”

    Running on black people time can mean a variety of things.It could mean something good or bad.  In Shawn’s case running on black people time means being late. It’s a reference to the stereotype that people have difficulties getting to places on time.

    Shawn said, “Running on black people time means when your supposed to be somewhere in 30 minutes and arrive 30 minutes later after the original time.”

    Running late has some pros and cons to it.The good thing about running late is that you never miss important information. The bad thing about being late is that you miss out on many opportunities.I asked Shawn why he runs on black people time and he responded,

    “I like taking my time because I want everything to be right”.  


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