Straight Out of Pocomoke

posted Dec 15, 2017, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   If you think Pocomoke is a small town full of nobodies than you must not truly know Pocomoke because this town has carried some talented people who have graduated and moved on to great things to look forward to seeing in life.

   When you think of people leaving and going onto to bigger and better things you think about how people are going to college and playing a sport in college because of their skill at that sport. That’s the most popular thing everyone thinks of.

    Are you playing in college? Are people looking at you? Have you talked to any recruiters? Are they D1, D2, D3? Will you start? All these questions are asked to people that play a sport and are recognized because of their skill.

    But there is other things other than sports where people can go big and seek a better future. Things like artists, actors, singers, dancers. Also people playing in the band can play for a professional band that plays on broadway, which is definitely making it big time.

    Some people who have went to college that came out of Pocomoke are people like Dominique Farrace and Lexi Butler. They both have went to college for playing field hockey, Dominique is a goalie at Salisbury University, while Lexi is a field player at the college of Townson.

   Some other people who have recognition is Andre Collins, he went and played at Morgan State University in their band. Morgan States band is very good when it comes to competitions.

   Other people have made it to better things as well like, Biyren Motes, he is set to go to a dancing academy to be a performer and he will be able to take his moves, and move onto a bigger stage in life.


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