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By: Paige Hughes

      Dawn Brandstrom, a PHS student in the years of 1973-1977, looked back on high school with a lot of positive memories that all contributed in making her who she is today.

     Dawn is now the Senior Vice President, Business Development for Bergvik North America, Inc., a global raised flooring company. She also recently was appointed a Director on the Board of Bergvik Australia. She achieved her M.B.A. from Salisbury University and graduated from Davis and Elkins college with a B.A in Chemistry. Dawn has traveled all over the world and seen many places and things but before she was a successful business she was just a normal PHS student.

     Dawn was very involved here at Pocomoke High, she was involved in Band, the Field Hockey team, Girl’s Basketball Team Manager, French Club, AFS, Social Services Representative, and Advance Placement classes.

     When asked her favorite memory she said “We were in Berlin playing field hockey and soccer games against Stephen Decatur High School and they had to rush all the Pocomoke players on the bus after the games because we thought their fans and players were going to riot and try to hurt us. The rivalries between the schools over sports was quite serious.” Similar to rivalries today such as Pocomoke High School and Crisfield and Washington High School.

      Pocomoke High School’s small school feel helped Dawn develop close relationships with her friends and teachers that she still maintains today. Dawn also says she was challenged academically here at Pocomoke High. Her Senior year, the second year advanced placement classes were provided, she took Biology, History, and English A.P courses. “Those classes taught me how to really apply myself by requiring many hours of reading every night and writing many papers.  The coursework and test preparation were tough but it prepared me for college - and gave me 20 credit hours with which to start my Freshmen Year in College. This allowed me the opportunity during my College years to take other interesting electives, such as Astronomy and Political Science.”

      When Dawn looks back on her years in high school she is reminded of happy memories.“I feel very blessed to have gone to such a great High School where I truly do not have any negative memories but rather wonderful ones with classmates I still care deeply about.” She wishes for her niece Paige, a current student at PHS, to be able to look back on her high school years with great memories as well.

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