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By: Kassidy Sharpley

    For many of you, you know her, maybe even just heard of her, Sophomore Nicki Vickers is number four on our Pocomoke Girls Softball team. This young lady plays left field.

    “It is tiring but I love the environment and support.” stated Nicki. Being on a softball, baseball, tennis, soccer, field hockey, or even bowling team, it can be very tiring but you will love being around your teammates and you'll eventually learn to love the environment that you're in when on a sports team.

    Getting along with all your teammates may not be something that is easy. You may just even get along with a few of your teammates and that’s okay. Nicki gets along the best with “Monique Snead, Alana Troxell, and Megan Hutch”.

    Pocomoke softball and baseball have practice everyday unless it's too cold to practice. Nicki tells us that she loves it. “...it keeps me in shape”.

    Balancing a personal life, school life, and softball life, is hard for everyone including Nicki. Sometimes you may not be able to have a personal life because of your school and sport. If you have a job, you definitely won't be able to have a personal life.

    “It’s challenging. I don't really have time for a personal life because i am an AP student, athlete, and I have a job.” stated Nicki.

    Coming into high school, you'll have your mind set on playing a sport that maybe you haven't even tried yet. For Nicki, it was different. She has been playing softball her whole life. With already one year with Pocomoke and her Sophomore year is two years under her belt.

    As this Sophomore, studies AP World, Chemistry, Pre-Calc, and Band, she also is a wonderful athlete. Come out and support your softball and baseball teams this spring and watch Nicki Vickers play!

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