posted Feb 14, 2017, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Ashleigh Dillon

    Everyone has had some weird moments. Kassidy Sharpley recalls some of her unusual and embarrassing moments.

The most unusual food Kassidy has ever eaten is Hawaiian Pizza. Hawaiian Pizza has ham and pineapples on it. Would you eat it?

    At Kassidy’s friend Elise’s house, one of Elise’s brothers decided to scare them. All ten of the girls hid in a small closet. Now, how do you believe all ten girls managed to fit in the closet? Kassidy wonders how they did too.

    Kassidy reclaimed that an unusual thing she thought of after she woke up was if there was cold pizza for breakfast. Not everyone is willing to eat cold pizza for breakfast.

    The most unusual place Kassidy would like to visit is Alaska because there are penguins and polar bears. Not everyone is willing to deal with the cold air of Alaska. Kassidy is willing to stand out in the freezing temperature just for adorable animals.

    All of us have done something embarrassing to try and impress someone. Kassidy grimaced at something she did to impress someone; “We were at Funland on Chincoteague Island and...Todd worked at the go carts. I was driving with one hand and I ran into someone. I spun out and Todd had to come help. I also fell out once I got out.” Now that’s quite embarrassing for a fifth-teen year old girl.

    One of her earliest memories was when her mom and her went to the beach in the fall. Kassidy was around 2 or 3. Her mom had bundled her up so much that Kassidy looked like an Eskimo. Have you seen what an Eskimo looks like? You must admit, it was probably really warm.

    We've all had some embarrassing falls. Kassidy fell off of her horse, fell on her face and got a black eye, fell on her shoulder, and her legs went over her head. Her mom says she “scorpioned” once she fell off.

    We've all got embarrassing and unusual moments. Kassidy Sharpley proves that not a single person is perfect on Earth.

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