Turning the Page

posted May 17, 2018, 7:08 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Cristen Quillen

    For seniors all around the world the day that they have been putting so much work, studying, and effort in is approaching very quickly. In most cases the seniors graduating are more than ready to start the next chapter in their lives, but for some seniors graduating can be very stressful and emotional. Image result for graduation cap

    A senior very near and dear at Pocomoke High School by the name Diamonique Taylor looked bad on her four years at Pocomoke and truly began to think about how much her last four years have meant to her and what graduating will feel like.

    During her four years at Pocomoke, Taylor became a part of the very successful field hockey team, the cheerleading squad, and both the National Honor Society and the Math Honor Society known as Mu Alpha Theta. Diamonique was announced as the Vice President of the senior class as well as the Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta.  

    Academics are an important aspect in Diamonique Taylor’s life and that is why she entered the pathways program her freshman year. In the pathways program Taylor was able to take AP World History, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and Dual Enrollment College Algebra and Trigonometry. With good grades in these classes came a high GPA and with her high GPA, Diamonique was recognized for her grades with several different awards.

    It is very clear that Diamonique has made a name for herself at Pocomoke High School and moving on might be a little emotional.

    Taylor stated, “These past four years at Pocomoke High School have meant the world to me and I would not trade them for anything. I have made friendships and memories that I will keep forever. Pocomoke High School has given and taught me everything I will need to know for the future. I could not have asked for a better place, atmosphere, or group of role models and teachers to spend my high school career in and around and graduating on May 29th will most definitely be bittersweet.”

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