posted Feb 14, 2017, 7:25 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Kassidy Sharpley

    Some may not know much about her. We've uncovered some very interesting thing about her.

    Everyone has that one thing that embarrasses them the most. Pocomoke High School student Ashleigh Dillon, her best friend is the thing that embarrasses her the most in front of people and just in general. Ashleigh gave us some reasons why her bestfriend embarrasses her, “Cause she is just, her. Her personality is just weird”

    If you didn't know this about Ashleigh, she rides horses and we asked her about how many different horses has she ridden. Ashleigh remarked that she has ridden many horses, at least ten different horses, if not more. That’s a lot of different horses.

    Ashleigh has had a crush on someone and tried to avoid them, “because it wasn't supposed to happen.”

    She likes to bake more than cook. Cupcakes and cakes are what she likes to bake the most out of everything.

    When Ashleigh was little, she wanted to be a vet when she grew up but since she’s gotten older and she grew up a little. “I still want to work with animals, that hasn't changed”

    Her best childhood memory was when she had her first horseback riding lesson. She was nine years old.

    We asked her what she would do if she started ruling the world, on the first day, what would she do, she answered with a hilarious, yet dark answer. “I’d kill everyone I hate” Maybe she has a lot of enemies and she doesn't want them to be around her anymore. We’ll never know.

    Ashleigh Dillon, currently attending Pocomoke High School, has many cool and wonderful features about her and her life and the things she does. This is just a few things we learned about her when we asked her some questions.

    Ashleigh states“Playing Cards Against Humanity in school. The weirdest thing is, we didn't get caught, considering we were loud and everyone was looking at us.” as being the weirdest thing she has ever done.

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