Walking on a Broken Bone

posted Mar 14, 2018, 7:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Alexis Cullen

Sesamoid in the foot

    A sesamoid bone can be located in various joints of the body and it is embedded within a tendon.

    According to Foothealthfacts.org, the sesamoids are two very small, pea shaped bones located in the ball of the foot, beneath the big toe joint, this is of course in the normal foot. This bone acts as a very important pulley for the tendons because it allows full motion in the big toe and it provides the leverage for walking and running.

    Pocomoke High School senior, McKenzie Mitchell is an athlete who plays various sports, including field hockey and softball. Playing these sports for four years, Mitchell has faced several stress fractures in her right foot. Over the course of her high school athletic career the injuries got worse and worse.

    During Mitchell’s final high school season of her favorite sport, field hockey, she knew that she definitely had another stress fracture. She fought through it because she would never have the opportunity to play this sport in high school again.

    “When I went to the doctor after season, they saw that it was my fifth stress fracture so they believed that it was something much worse. They soon realized that I had a broken sesamoid bone in my foot and they did not know how long it had been broken,” said Mitchell.

    After a few weeks of being in a boot, Mitchell went through surgery to remove half of the broken bone, the other half was reattached to the tendons and ligaments.

    Undergoing this surgery has disabled McKenzie from playing softball this spring but she is recovering well and will be ready to play field hockey once again in the fall, at her college of choice, Salisbury University.



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