Warrior Heartbeat

posted Oct 24, 2017, 7:09 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   The Warrior Heartbeat gesture of the Pocomoke Warriors was introduced to all of the students and some staff at the pep rally. The gesture was introduced by Mrs. Wallace.

   The gesture represent the unity within the staff and students here at Pocomoke High. Mrs. Wallace wanted to show everyone the gesture at the pep rally because everyone was there at one time. She brought us all to the circle in the gym with the “P”. At the circle we all patted our chests as if a heartbeat was ringing out at the same time

   Tatyana Waters, senior at Pocomoke, says this, “It's alright but i don't know how it will help to change everyone's actions”. I would have to agree with what Tatyana says about the heartbeat action, it won't change actions for good in the school, there's too many people to convince.

   Some people would rather solve there problems we other people in other ways. For examples Tatyana said this, “I'd rather not talk to people and when i do, i'm usually good at approaching situations on my own terms”.

   Some say that it's a great idea and how it can be simple just to pat your chest like a warrior to bring the problem to a solution but some people say that it can't be that simple.

   “Students will feel a certain way until they resolve their problem on their own”.

   Well either way i'm not going to bang on my chest just to solve problems, the heartbeat can be used for showing everyone that we are from the same school but it won't help me solve my problems.

10/23/17 Edited by: AG