posted Feb 26, 2016, 7:05 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

 By: Noah Brittingham

    Kaikane Busquets is a sophomore at Pocomoke High School. He is a new student at Pocomoke moving here from Hawaii. Moving here from Hawaii was a new experience for Kai but he embraces it. He has brought many things he has learned from Hawaii and brought it to Maryland, such as being a very strong swimmer.

    Kai said he has been swimming ever since he could walk. He said “when I was five years old my dad would even put me on his surfboard with him. I was practically born in the water.” His name even means water boy in Hawaiian. Living in Hawaii helped him a lot becoming the swimmer he is today and becoming a member of the Pocomoke High School swimming team.

   Kai had a great season swimming. He won very many of his meets, improved his time every meet, making it past regionals and making it to states. The best part of his season was being able to go to states and place fifth. He said “it was kind of overwhelming because I’d never seen so many people in such a large pool, it was almost scary but it was also pretty awesome.” Doing this well his first year swimming competitively in Maryland he said there is also a lot to work on. He said he needs to work on his breathing, so he can breathe more quickly and less often.

    He already has bigger and better goals for next season because he already reached his goals for this past season. This past season he just wanted to make it to regionals. But next year he wants to make it to states again and place even better than this past year. To improve for next season and to meet his goals he said “I’m just going to have to keep swimming as much as possible.”

Edited by: KS Uploaded: 2/26/16