Weird Spots on Your Tongue?

posted Mar 2, 2018, 6:41 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 8, 2018, 7:07 AM ]
By: McKenzie Mitchell

    Have you ever felt different or concerned with the way your tongue looks? If so Diamonique Taylor knows exactly how you feel.

    “I was in middle school fourth grade when people asked about my spots”. Taylor has had her tongue spots for forever, but she eventually started to feel different than everyone else.

    “I’ve never known why I had these things on my tongue, they made me feel different in a bad way”. Taylor’s spots on her tongue may have seemed normal to her, but to others it was odd.

     “I do not know why these spots have appeared, I think have had them my whole life,” said Taylor. Her tongue spots were quite a mystery and they drew attention from many people.

    Curious about her weird spots, Diamonique Taylor asked her local dentist what the spots were. “I can’t remember what the long word my dentist said the spots were, but he said that they were just freckles”.

    “I didn’t go to the dentist to figure out what my tongue freckles were, I just asked him”. Diamonique Taylor was never scared about her tongue spots, but only curious about what they could be.

    “The dentist said my freckles will stay on my tongue for forever”. It turns out regular freckles are just like tongue freckles, they’ll both stay on your body for forever.

    Not everyone has tongue freckles like Diamonique Taylor does. Freckles are most common on a person’s body or face, but quite rare on someone’s tongue.  Diamonique Taylor said, “I think my tongue freckles make me unique because I have not seen anyone else with them.”

    Taylor has stopped caring about what people think about her tongue freckles. These little spots make her different from everyone else. If you have tongue spots on your tongue or on your body Taylor says, “Just get over it, it is great to be different.”

Uploaded: 2/6/2018

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